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18 Nestle Crt, Arthurs Seat, Victoria 3936, Australia - M: 0400 768 539 - E: info@summitviews.com.au

  • "thanks for allowing us to enjoy your magnificently maintained piece of paradise and the best possible view of the New Years fireworks. It has been and incredible experience to be able to indulge in five star accommodation while looking out onto the city, country and beautiful beaches."
    Pat & Oliva
    21st November, 2004

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  • "What a spectacular place you have here. From entering through the front door to the smell of freshly baked bread, the breathtaking views, the huge spa, the great 'gadgets', the huge comfy bed we lie in at night. This is truly a very special place. Thanks for sharing it with us."
    Joyce & Paul
    6-8 July 2007

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  • Guest Book Entries

  • "WOW, what can we say!!
    What a fantastic place, everything is just perfect, the room, views and that Bread! you just can't beat it. Thankyou so much!! you have made our anniversary just fantastic. We look forward to coming back next year! To anyone who reads this, take it from us & spend 2 nights, 1 is just not enough."
    Jodie & Chris

  • Skyview Penthouse 2nd & 3rd of March 2018

    When I walked in my jaw dropped ... that view looks as if someone had painted it. We couldn't help but relax in this amazing place, felt like home but with a fair few upgrades, like a priceless view and a ripper fireplace. 

    We drank, we cooked, we laughed .....

    Thanks to the owner and my bloke for the surprise weekend. This mountain top adventure I'll never forget.

    Chris & Jodie

  • A room with a view

    Andrew, thank you for the wood fire you lit for us - it was perfect after a windy and wet wedding day ......
    13 -15/12/08

  • Skyview Penthouse December 2019 ... "Lovely home with incredible views, very comfortable and spacious interior ...  well done on building such a timeless cliff house.

  • "We arrived later than expected from work to be greeted by soft music, fantastic views of the bay and the smell of warm bread which we quickly tucked into; we were instantly relaxed."
    Sarah & Justin
    15th - 17th September 2006

  • Eagle Nest Oct 2018

  • "Very relaxing, stunning views."
    David & Natalie
    4 November 2009

  • "This place is magnificent. On arrival the view from the living room was amazing and was even better by night. The TV in spa is a great idea, not to mention all the other little things you have done to this place.
    I would recommend this place to anyone."
    Hannah & Braden
    13 November 2009

  • "Speechless, everything was just perfect."
    Jayson & Mandy
    25th & 26th of July 2008

  • "A magical 25th anniversary; to read through all the guest books says it all."
    Denise & Jack
    12th & 14th of August 2007

  • "You have really outdone yourself here. The view, the peace, the bed, the spa........ absolutely fantastic. A beautiful place to propose."
    Chad & Adele

  • Skyview Penthouse January 2020

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