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18 Nestle Crt, Arthurs Seat, Victoria 3936, Australia - M: 0400 768 539 - E: info@summitviews.com.au

  • Eagle Nest February 2019

  • "Already it is time to go back to your normal lives. How we have enjoyed each other in this wonderous delight. I will look forward to reading the many stories of others again, when we return."
    Caitlin & John
    April 2010

  • Awesome views. Don't realise how spectacular Victoria really is until you look from this perspective......

  • Eagle Nest September 2019

  • Skyview Penthouse October 2019

  • Skyview Penthouse July 2019

  • Absolutely bloody fantastic. The views and the romantic atmosphere made our engagement a beautiful life long memory. Love & Strength.
    Mark & Kelly
    15th May 2011

  • "It's memories like these that keep us smiling. Best Wishes, hope to be back again soon"
    James & Amanda
    30th September - 2nd October 2006

  • "Wow, What a place you have here. Well done. I think we would have to say this is the best of our top ten. What was on the internet was what we found when we arrived, a great surprise."
    Nick & Lou
    June 2006

  • "Peace - a small place in the world where I feel at peace; Food - wonderful fresh food; we feel so cared for. Picture from our window - where heaven meets earth. What a wonderful planet we live on - thankyou for sharing your corner of beauty."
    Regards, Peter & Linda
    27th - 29th August 2005

  • This has become a very special place for us ....
    Geoff & Kylee

    .... Its going to be hard to find a place that tops this!
    Rob & Joanne

  • Eagle Nest October 2018

  • "A magical 25th anniversary; to read through all the guest books says it all."
    Denise & Jack
    12th & 14th of August 2007

  • "This place is truly exceptional."
    Blair & Melissa
    16th -18th April 2006

  • We stayed here 7 years ago together - it's as amazing as we remembered it and the perfect place for Ryan to propose. Thank you.
    Melissa & Ryan

  • "What a spectacular place you have here. From entering through the front door to the smell of freshly baked bread, the breathtaking views, the huge spa, the great 'gadgets', the huge comfy bed we lie in at night. This is truly a very special place. Thanks for sharing it with us."
    Joyce & Paul
    6-8 July 2007

  • "We can see the city skyline on the horizon but we just don't want to think about tomorrow. The ideal and perfect place to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Whether at night or during the day the view is just magical."
    Best wishes
    Daren & Denise
    25th of June, 2005

  • "What can we say that hasn't already been said, several times at least. The perfect getaway for our honeymoon - Seclusion, comfort and a touch of decadence."
    David & Michelle
    4th of September 2005

  • "We promised we would be back for our anniversary and here we are. Thanks for making it so special and keeping it the way we remembered."
    Dimitri & Aleksandra
    8th May 2006

  • Eagle Nest November 2018 Aglie & Sara

    A perfect place to spend our 4th Anniversary.  

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