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18 Nestle Crt, Arthurs Seat, Victoria 3936, Australia - M: 0400 768 539 - E: info@summitviews.com.au

  • Skyview Penthouse Nov 2019

  • Skyview Penthouse 2019

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  • "Absolutely spectacular. Both upstairs and downstairs are places you could dream about. The views and the atmosphere make for a relaxing experience. Melbourne looks so small and insignificant when places like this exist."
    Lisa & Roy
    4th & 5th April 2008

  • "We arrived later than expected from work to be greeted by soft music, fantastic views of the bay and the smell of warm bread which we quickly tucked into; we were instantly relaxed."
    Sarah & Justin
    15th - 17th September 2006

  • "No doubt you are the True cushion of Arthurs Seat..
    "I'm feeling sad today because we have to leave. Absolutely Wonderful, everything & the bread wow!! Lets hope we'll be back again. Many thanks."
    Col & Pam
    3rd - 9th April, 2005

  • Eagle Nest September 2018

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  • Skyview March 2018

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  • .... by the fireplace ....

  • "A corner of heaven made to relax, unwind and cuddle with the loved one, to sip a glass of wine by the fireplace looking at the sparkling lights around the bay or ... in each other's eyes, while listening to a perfect selection of music.
    This is without doubt a place where love reaches perfection, the love for life and everything one would choose to bring into it...
    From the most in love couple in the world."
    Laura & John
    May 2007

  • Eagle Nest Oct 2018

  • Skyview Penthouse December 2019

  • Stunning views ...

    Paradise once again. A beautiful experience for our 1st anniversary. We celebrated our engagement here 2 years ago to the day and returned to re live cherished memories.

  • "What more can we say but lovely, lovely, lovely."
    Bec & Shane
    September 2006

  • "Everything has already been said; all we can say is WOW it has exceeded our expectations & so much more. Thanks for the best holiday & romantic getaway."
    Steve & Amanda
    16th March 2008

  • Skyview October 2018

  • Eagle Nest November 2018

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