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18 Nestle Crt, Arthurs Seat, Victoria 3936, Australia - M: 0400 768 539 - E: info@summitviews.com.au

  • What a fantastic Getaway .....
    3 July 2007

  • Skyview November 2018

  • Skyview Penthouse October 2019

  • "We have been trying to book this place for several months and it's always booked out, so we finally made it and now we see why it was always booked out. Thank you for having such a fantastic place for us to spend our 1 year anniversary."
    Sermel & Ediz
    4th October 2004

  • Tony & Nadia
    15th & 16th Feb 2008

  • Eagle Nest January 2020

  • "A corner of heaven made to relax, unwind and cuddle with the loved one, to sip a glass of wine by the fireplace looking at the sparkling lights around the bay or ... in each other's eyes, while listening to a perfect selection of music.
    This is without doubt a place where love reaches perfection, the love for life and everything one would choose to bring into it...
    From the most in love couple in the world."
    Laura & John
    May 2007

  • A beautiful place to share a special moment together. 

    A lovely view a great place to getaway....

    Fantastic little getaway.....

  • "Absolutely beautiful views; this place is the perfect engagement retreat. Thank you so much. We will never forget our night here."
    Wayne & Hannah
    May 2012

  • "Very relaxing stay from a superb setting."
    Jason & Patrice

  • Skyview Penthouse July 2019

  • Skyview Penthouse September 2019

  • "Had an absolutely magnificent stay, the views are unsurpassed."
    Hugh & Lisa
    23 September 2009

  • Awesome views. Don't realise how spectacular Victoria really is until you look from this perspective......

  • "The moment we saw the view and felt the warmth of "Summit Views" and then met you Deb, we knew this was where we would be married. Absolutely magic, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Waking up to a sunrise like we had will stay with us forever."
    Trine & Mehmet
    July 2013

  • .... by the fireplace ....

  • Skyview Penthouse July 2019

  • Eagle Nest September 2018

  • Its memories like these that keep us smiling...
    James & Amanda

  • "We promised we would be back for our anniversary and here we are. Thanks for making it so special and keeping it the way we remembered."
    Dimitri & Aleksandra
    8th May 2006

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