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18 Nestle Crt, Arthurs Seat, Victoria 3936, Australia - M: 0400 768 539 - E: info@summitviews.com.au

  • Eagle Nest March 2019

  • What a wonderful place to stay ....

  • Eagle Nest October 2019

  • "What a beautiful getaway, you can't ask for much more that an amazing sunrise. I'm leaving here feeling more relaxed than I thought possible. Thanks for a lovely time."
    March 2006

  • ..... our new favourite Get Away...

  • Skyview May 2018

  • Eagle Nest September 2018

  • Skyview Penthouse August 2019

  • What can we say that hasn't already been said ....

  • "The photographs on the net do not do justice for this place. What an amazing apartment with unique and glorious views."
    Meryem & Cain
    14 June 2008

  • "We have been trying to book this place for several months and it's always booked out, so we finally made it and now we see why it was always booked out. Thank you for having such a fantastic place for us to spend our 1 year anniversary."
    Sermel & Ediz
    4th October 2004

  • Eagle Nest Feb/March 2020

  • Skyview Penthouse 23rd Feb 2018

    Dear Andrew

    It was an immense pleasure being able to spend a day in this breathtaking building ... the amazing view, the highlight of our trip. We had trouble taking our eyes off it.

  • Skyview Penthouse 2nd & 3rd of March 2018

    When I walked in my jaw dropped ... that view looks as if someone had painted it. We couldn't help but relax in this amazing place, felt like home but with a fair few upgrades, like a priceless view and a ripper fireplace. 

    We drank, we cooked, we laughed .....

    Thanks to the owner and my bloke for the surprise weekend. This mountain top adventure I'll never forget.

    Chris & Jodie

  • Eagle Nest April 2019

  • "We where blown away as soon as we entered the door."
    Mark & Olivia
    August 2006

  • "Absolutely spectacular. Both upstairs and downstairs are places you could dream about. The views and the atmosphere make for a relaxing experience. Melbourne looks so small and insignificant when places like this exist."
    Lisa & Roy
    4th & 5th April 2008

  • "It's heaven, we feel we are living in the heavens wrapped in each others arms, safe and warm in this beautiful place, watching the changing weather roll by and as we watch the ships ply their trade across the bay heading to and from the towering monoliths on the horizon, we feel like gods surveying our domain. But as our time draws to an end we realize we must join the ground dwellers, this time will be long remembered. By my love and I."
    David & Yvonne
    July 2010

  • "We promised we would be back for our anniversary and here we are. Thanks for making it so special and keeping it the way we remembered."
    Dimitri & Aleksandra
    8th May 2006

  • Eagle Nest Nov 2018. Darren & Veronica

    A perfect way to spend a 20th Wedding Anniversary.....

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